Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday to my Isaac,
who loves to talk and talk and talk and talk,
who always wants to hold my hand and snuggle,
who loves everything Star Wars and Transformers,
who asks me out regularly on walks or dates,
who almost always has a smile on his face,
who loves to climb and run and be 110% boy,
who taught me that love is definitely not based on blood,
who teaches me patience daily,
who is most definitely a daddy's boy,
who I love dearly.
Of whom I'm very, very proud.


  1. My precious Isaac turning 5 seems unreal....just yesterday we were helping Cinda hang all the magnificent streamers and huddled together at RDU to welcome him into our lives and arms! He is awesome all the way around....may the force be with him!!!

  2. What a wonderful Star Wars experience!!! Although we were too late for the official party we certainly enjoyed celebrating! The Bumblebee helmet made the trip worth while. We especialy loved the long visit into the night while sitting on the porch. Love you!