Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saddle Up for Summer

Isaac graduated from preschool on Friday.
It was a western theme.
Not sure why...... I guess that's just how we roll in Knightdale.

And I reckon I was that mom. 
You know - the one who sent him to school in an orange shirt when he was supposed to be wearing red, white, or blue. 
You know - the mom the teachers are cursing while they scramble to try to find something that will make do.
Yessiree. That was me.

I reckon I was also that mom who was proud to see her little boy standing up on that stage with that there "diploma."

Yup - our days of school are quickly coming to an end.
Summer is here for Isaac and right around the corner for Emma Grace.

Our favorite afternoon activity of running to the bus stop is quickly dwindling until next August.

Swimsuits and towels are out drying on the deck and running just got a heckuva lot sweatier.

Our favorite moment:
Isaac literally counts down the minutes until his sister gets off that bus.

Next year Owen and I will be greeting two of them at the bus stop.

Crazy Weird.

So in keeping with our western theme:
Happy Almost Summer Y'all!


  1. Wow Pardners....where did that time go? Amazing that next year there will be two little happy Fischers getting of "that there bus" each afternoon. Won't Owen be happy to have those cowhands at home each afternoon! Love it!!

  2. You have three adorable kiddos! Happy summer Fischer family :)