Friday, September 16, 2011

60 degrees


It's time for a more "fallish" blog background.

It's time for fire pits and s'mores and dry leaves and hot cocoa curled up under a blanket and all the deliciousness that fall brings.

I love me some fall. 

If I could bottle it up and savor it all year long, I would.


  1. I know! I am not liking the lack of notice though! No one has warm clothes in their drawers and who knows where all the coats are since I boxed them up to make the closets look more spacious. Yeah, that's really paying off since no one is looking. :) Going to miss you guys at Halloween this year!

  2. Couldn't believe all those containers you filled in the earlier blog! Hope that will give you some time to enjoy the fall season! Can't wait to see all of you.

  3. Fall. The perfect time of year! Enjoy it :)