Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rainy Day Laziness

Well, because of excessive rain and mud, instead of burning calories out on the soccer field today, my children are doing this:

And after the week we've had, I'm okay with some rainy day laziness.

I'm okay with Saturday morning cartoons and cups of coffee and staying in our pajamas until after lunch.

The two bigs had another great week at school. Todd and I were just talking last night about how pleasantly surprised we've been at Isaac's transition. After he told us ALL SUMMER LONG that he did not want to start kindergarten, we were a little anxious about his entry into the "real" world. (Okay I was anxious......Todd kept reassuring me that he was ready and he would be fine, but that's neither here nor there.)  And even though I may hate to admit it, Todd was right. Isaac is loving it. And not only is he loving it, he's also being very responsible about it. He worries about getting all his homework done correctly and making sure he has everything he needs each day. And yes, this shocks me to my very core because he is by far our most laid back kid.We're loving his excitement about school and praying it sticks.

The diva is still, well, the diva. She's always been very serious about her school work and following directions and that has not changed with her transition from kindergarten to first grade. She is so worried about following the rules in fact that we've had to assure her that her teachers don't want her neglecting her bodily needs because she's....let's say..... in the middle of playing freeze tag and her PE teacher told her to freeze.  (I'm sure she'll love that I shared this with you....) She has also made some new friends and seems more socially outgoing this year which is great.

And Owen? Well this picture pretty much sums up the week Owen's had:

Poor kid. 
He's had LOTS of appointments and evaluations and on top of all that, he got croup. So I guess you could say it's been a croupy week for him. Ha ha. Get it? Croupy.....

Okay, um, anyways. 

Let's just say some of his special needs have been further identified and we start Occupational Therapy on Wednesday and Developmental Therapy on Thursday. Please continue to pray for my sweet toddler as he adjusts to new therapists and challenges. In other news, he has clawed his way into the fifth percentile on the weight chart!! Woot woot. We're praying this slow and steady upward climb continues as we start trying to reach new goals of more chewables and of course,  the ultimate goal of self feeding. We've also been given permission to train someone else to feed him in case there was ever an emergency and Todd and I couldn't be there.....or if we wanted to go on a date or something. So who wants to learn? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? All it takes is patience and one or two trips out to UNC Hospital...... :)

And that was our week. Exciting, I know.
Hope everyone else is having a fabulous rainy Saturday.


  1. Pick me! Pick me! Chips says he loves being able to feed Owen after his training in NJ, but would be willing to go to UNC also! In the meantime I know God will guide someone to the Pick Me level too!

    I love the updates on "the Bigs" and the whole family. I hope this very special day....your 29th birthday...ha filled with LOTS of laziness, just enough coffee and relaxing to feed your soul (and energy levels!), and LOTS of love from those around you! Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday!! What better way to spend it than being lazy and in your pjs! Love to all of you. Hope Owen is feeling better.

  3. I was just wondering recently about Owen's weight gain. Way to go! And I would get trained, but I fail to meet the qualifications...

  4. Train me, train me! I'm close to UNC :) Seriously though, if you need someone, I'd be more than happy to learn!

  5. I'm in. I heard that in two weeks the bridge will open, does that make me the closest one? Miss you.