Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Addiction

Owen and I got our baby fix yesterday. I'm not sure he needed a baby fix, but I did. Babies to me are kind of like crack but in a much healthier, not nearly as deadly, kind of addictive way. I love the way they smell and cuddle and are just all around adorable. But I've discovered that they always seem to grow up and color on walls and talk back and pee all over the place and therefore, we've decided we don't need any more babies in this house. But I like to get my baby fix wherever and however possible. Just last week I stalked a woman in the grocery store with a newborn. I followed her down the aisle just so I could hopefully get a whiff of that newborn smell. Just kidding. Sort of. 
Anywho, we enjoyed hanging out with baby Jaden and some of us even enjoyed kissing and then stealing things from him. Apparently in Owen's mind, stealing is okay if you intersperse it with sweetness and kissing. Maybe bank robbers should implement this technique?

We searched and searched to find the baby toy caterpillar that was age appropriate. Apparently my almost three year old also found it age appropriate.

"Owen, you should give that back to the baby. Look, Mommy brought down these blocks for you to play with. Can you build a tower?"

There. See? That's better, right?

Apparently not.

Sorry Jaden.

Although it's not really my fault. I'm actually quite shocked your parents let me babysit after this incident. They must have been desperate.

J/K. I'm usually really nice to babies while I'm getting my fix. Promise.

See? His mom totally trusts me. I think.

After Jaden left and we did the mundane Monday grocery shopping and cleaning and cooking, etc, the kids came home and tackled homework.

Is it just me or are they too cute?

And that was our Monday.
Pretty exciting, huh.


  1. Totally exciting....especially all the fun pics! About the zebra incident.....well, we'll chat!

    Glad Jaden's parents love and know you for the sweet, gentle, loving person you are because Jaden is a cutie patootie and I bet you'll get future opportunties to inhale his babyness again!

  2. This cracks me up. Thanks for taking care of my sweet boy last week! I trust you (most of the time).

    PS I told Eddie to make sure that zebra is no where around next time :)