Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day!

Owen started preschool today.

He was so excited to be doing something the bigs get to do everyday.  Although he was a little bummed that his school bus is my mini-van. (I was a little bummed about that too since I swore before having kids that I would never drive a mini-van, but that's neither here nor there.)

(Todd tried removing the Darth Vader pen/toy that has been in his hands for two days before we left.....It is still in his hand. Let's just say we pick our battles around here.)

"Let's go, Mom."

He had a great first day.
The teachers fell in love and I think he was equally smitten.

(On a side note, this backpack was a hand-me-down, name stitched on and all. Aren't we lucky?!)


  1. I was gonna say, that didn't sound like you to have your backpacks embroidered. But hey, if it's free, that is even better! I am glad the first day was awesome!

  2. My sweet sweet Owen! LOVE that smile!