Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Day

Any guesses what we did today?

Actually, before we made that mess in the bathroom, we did some of this:

Yup - that's my boy feeding himself with a spoon for the first time. Look at that wide open mouth and the tongue that is down and not curled up at the back of his mouth. That's just a whole lot of awesomeness right there! 

Then later in the day after naps and runs, my middle kid decided he wanted to say goodbye to his curls. And then of course his baby bro, who wants to be just like him, wanted to say goodbye to his hair too. And I thought I would be sad, but we literally had a hair cutting blast. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. And even though they both look older, they are still pretty stinkin' cute.

And I know Owen will probably kill me for this one day, but I had to show off his outfit. He now has to wear this compression on his torso 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off all the live long day. And when he didn't want to put it back on tonight, his brother (and idol) told him he looks like a superhero in it. Thank you, Isaac!! You absolutely amaze me with your sympathy towards others and the way you always want to help Owen.

So here's my little superhero showing me his muscles:

And here he is putting plastic knives in the VCR. (Apparently his super power is putting things where they don't belong when he thinks Mom's not looking.....)

And what was the diva doing during all her brother's hair cutting shenanigans?

Coloring quietly in the corner, of course.


  1. Can't wait to compare my lumbar support wrap and Owen's compression wrap....we will be super heroes together!!!

    Looking forward to seeing all of you....although those 2 boys are looking much older minus some curls :( Part of life I guess :)

  2. Will just asked me this morning to please give him a buzz cut so he can be like Uncle Todd. When he sees Isaac's, he's really gonna want one! They look great. My mom likened Owen's compression wrap to my pregnancy one I wore. Nice.

  3. do you have a timer that reminds you when you have to take off/ put on the compression belt or brush him or feed him. I am am dizzy now.

  4. Michal - I was just thinking today I may have to get a whiteboard or something. I've been using the oven timer. lol.

  5. how do you keep track of it all? amazing!