Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kissing Queen

"Mom, today on the field trip I couldn't tell anybody that my favorite part of the play was when the princess kissed the boy at the end because everybody else thought it was really gross. But I liked it."

Oh My.

Todd, we may need that shotgun sooner than you think.


  1. i have one too! I forgot to tell you how much i enjoyed the reality of your last post when you said you were mad at God and didn't talk to him for awhile. It happens, it's real. Thanks. As long as it doesn't last long!

  2. It appears Cinderella is sweeping leaves and awaiting her handsome prince to arrive with the other slipper....AND her kiss! Just sayin....

  3. Ahh, Rachel, I sure do love you! Just caught up on reading your last several posts and I am so glad I get to know you. I think you are amazing.

    It is great that Emma Grace can confide in you that she liked the kissing part - what a lucky girl she is to have you for a mom!