Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dream


  1. I gave MY plans for a new kitchen to Santa almost 9 years ago and even with wiping the dust off them I'm pretty sure Santa would say to me: Ho Ho Hahahaha MWWWAAHHHHAAAAAA

    However, one has to dream and it IS a DREAM kitchen!

  2. How'd you get that pic of my kitchen? Stephen must have sent that to you I guess! :)

  3. Ha ha, SE..... Yours is pretty close to this. :)

  4. Laughing like a crazy woman at this post. Love it.

    Dear Santa:
    If you can't swing that entire kitchen for "just" Rachel, would you consider splitting it between our families? We'll figure out the details, dontchuworryboutthat.

    Pretty please?

    Love, Kat