Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

So apparently Owen finally learned that Helloween Halloween is not the worst thing in the world.

Exhibit A: The Unhappy Pumpkin of 2009

Exhibit B: The Unhappy Spider of 2010

And finally, Exhibit C: The Happy Spiderman of 2011

Aside from the unpleasant weather that rained on our parade down spooky sidewalks to gather candy from multiple strangers, last night's Halloween was quite a pleasant experience.

We traded strollers for umbrellas and on our seventh year of our Holland/Fischer Family Halloween Tradition, all six of our trick or treaters were happy. No small feat; believe me.

And here are the two that started all our Halloween traditions and adventures...then and now:

The kids also went to a Trunk or Treat at their cousin's church on Friday night. They enjoyed the haunted house, costume competition, games and candy followed by a sleepover.

And now we're all trying to come down from our sugar high.

And speaking of sugar highs, Christina stopped by for a bit with her three double stuffed oreos and I cold eat this one with a spoon.

 She's so cute it hurts.

Happy November 1st!

Happy My Stomach Hurts from Eating so much Junk Month.


  1. Every single pic is SO great....SO many memories then/now! I am amazed at the pic of Emma Grace and Noah from all those years ago.....absolutely amazed!
    Glad the third year was the charm for Owen! All those muscles in the costume and in his newly growing body!!!

  2. What precious little angels. And one crazy lady who agreed to a sugar high sleepover. I really appreciate that crazy lady.

  3. it goes without saying rachel! if you were a pumpkin and a spider wouldn't you be sad? Any little boy would be happy being spiderman instead of those other uncool things!

  4. Totally cute goblins! They are all adorable. Love the big smile on Spiderman's face!

  5. That Spiderman costume looked perfect on Owen. Did you buy them off the shelf, or did you have them custom-made?
    You also take excellent-quality pictures. I like the way you captured the expressions on your kids' faces. Those are priceless!