Sunday, January 6, 2013

Couch to 5K

I may not have made any resolutions this year, but this girl certainly seemed to.

She ran her first 5K today.

And she still has energy to spare. 
She uses that energy to either unravel toilet paper when we're not looking or eat our shower curtain, but that's neither here nor there......

No offense to any human running partners I have had or continue to have, but running through the woods with a dog by your side is hands down one of my most favorite things in this world.
And this one was a great, great running partner for years, but she's almost 84 now. 
She deserves some rest.

So welcome, Little Lucy, to the world of running.

You rocked it today.

Same time tomorrow?


  1. LOVE me some Kaia puppy and some Kaia 84 yr. old dog. I love the memories and times you had running with her. She's my first grandpuppy so I'll scratch those ears while you run with Lucy.

    To Lucy - way to keep up with the master of running and be up to the task daily. She is a great gal and loves your flapping ears in the wind and wagging tail when she prepares to go out that door. Enjoy!

  2. I am feeling threatened, maybe Lucy isn't welcome to join us.

    1. Lol. She's not as good at the free therapy as you are!!