Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Owen Update # 8,463.....or something like that.

We're gaining.

Slow and steady wins the race, but he's back up to the fourth percentile and I think we've hit the jackpot and found the right dosage and amount of meds to fight this nasty flare, so hopefully the scale will  continue to climb before we go back to UNC in a few weeks. And hopefully his attitude will continue to get more and more pleasant. He had a great day yesterday. Fantabulous. And we all needed it.

And we're trying underwear again.

And he's wearing it.

And we don't need to discuss how it's going, but it's going. I'm giving it (my patience) two weeks and we'll see what happens. We're letting go of expectations and giving it our best shot. And Lil'  Man likes him some Batman underwear. Who doesn't?

The End.


  1. If Grandma Fish was to buy and send some Batman underwear to my Owen, what size?
    On the update on meds and progress....praising God and prying the positives continue! Guess we better pray about the switch to underwear too!

  2. Love the Owen updates. So glad things are going in the right direction and I will pray that the underwear wearing, eating and your patience continues to move in the right direction! :)