Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet Owen!

Really, there's not enough space on this blog for me to say all that I can say about you or any of my kids for that matter.

But you rocked my world in a way that I didn't know it needed rocking.

There are days when I'm still not convinced it needed so much rocking, but needed or not, every day you teach me something new.

You teach me about strength. And about smiling through pain.

You also teach me about screaming through pain and clinging to people who love you, even though you know they can't make it better.

You teach us as a family what it means to love and accept unconditionally.

You teach us that "normal" isn't always the best thing.
You teach us that development comes in different stages for everyone.

And you're going to develop at your own pace.
And you're going to be exactly who God created you to be.

And while we work really hard to help you socially and physically and developmentally, we've learned that all we want for you is to be the best Owen you can be.

And you are the best Owen you can be.

You are sweet and funny and anxious and difficult and trying and loving and caring and confusing and most of all, you are working really hard every single day.

You work to make sense of a world that doesn't always make sense to you. 
And I love that about you.

You, my sweet son, are determined.

And because of that, I'm determined that God will bless you and us and the world around us by your very presence. He already has and He will continue to do so. 

So thank you, Owen Zachary, for coming into my world four years ago.

I'm more tired and emotionally drained than I ever imagined, but I'm also learning every day to rely more and more on Him and that is a lesson that can never get old.

Keep running your race, little Man!

Keep being you and know that no matter how tired your dad and I are, with God,  we will always keep cheering you on!

No matter what hurdles the world throws your way,
we're in this together.

I pray that this coming year is a year full of learning and growing and overcoming.

Happy Birthday!!

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  1. I know you didn't write this for my benefit, but it benefitted me, anyway. This is a beautifully honest and heartfelt message to your beautiful, wonderful, adorable Owen. I love you, and I love him.