Friday, January 4, 2013


Dear 2013,

Welcome. You pushed 2012 out the door with a vengeance. 2012 is so last year. As a country it is a year that will always be remembered as a year of tragedy. So I ask you, 2013, to please be kinder this year to a small town in Connecticut. They same "time heals all wounds;" and you 2013, are time. So please be gentle to 26 families and the community that surrounds them and help them heal.

And 2013? 
I don't think I'm going to create any personal resolutions for you this year. Let's both be honest, if you ask your predecessors, you will learn that I suck at resolutions and you'll show up each day whether I'm successful with my goals or not. Honestly right now, I don't need that kind of pressure. Thank you very much.

Oh and 2013, we don't seem to be starting off on the right foot for a certain young blonde boy who lives in my home. How about this? You work on making his days easier and less painful, and I'll reconsider my no resolution resolution for this year. Sound fair?

And in regards to him and the other two cherubs who live here, I'm going to need you to Ssssllllloooooowwwww down. Seriously. Why are you always in such a rush? 24 hours should feel like 24 hours, not 6. A week should not fly by. It should go at a normal pace. Unless we're having a bad day, then feel free to fly. Use your best discretion on a day to day basis.

2013, Each morning that we get to greet you, would you please remind us what a blessing that is? I mean, you don't have to knock us over the head with it, but sometimes we get caught up in the morning rush and we tend to forget how blessed we are.

Thanks 2013 for taking these requests into consideration.

I know you will do your best.

Oh and one last thing, nothing against time marching on and all that jazz, but I personally think I already have enough bags under my eyes and wrinkles on my face for this year. I don't want you to worry about adding more. Just leave that and I'll take it up with 2014 next January. Okay?


Oh and Happy New Year, 2013.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year.

I'm sure it will be similar to year's past:
A year full of hoping and hurting and healing and trusting and believing and asking and most of all, hopefully giving it all to Him.


  1. Dude - LOVE THIS post. So right.

    Don't agree AT ALL, however, with your wrinkles comment, but whatev.

  2. I loved the reflections and humor in your conversation with 2012. We should all have that kind of release and movin' on into the next resoltuions without the year actually cooperating! Praying for our little blondie and all the JR JR household. Love you and Happy 2013!

  3. Love the article and of course, the humor. I still think you should look at writing for a publication. Just saying. And I'm totally unbiased!