Friday, December 28, 2012


Well instead of bringing tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas, we decided to lovingly give  people the flu instead. You're very welcome, father-in-law. Don't say we never gave you anything.

And in our defense, the first doctor we saw said we had sinus infections. And that we weren't contagious. So sorry to anybody else (our entire church) we came into contact with!! We plead the fifth.

And since Todd and I have been dying a slow and painful death since last  Saturday, here are our pictures from Christmas Day. Now seriously, I know you're thinking "how did you get such amazing pics when you were deathly ill and half asleep and your camera battery was dead?" but try not to beat yourself up too much.....not everybody has this kind of talent:

See how I made their eyes pop? Beautiful. Just beautiful. Todd looks possessed.

(And notice the placement of Owen's hand on RGIII......lovely. I really captured a magical moment there....)

Emma Grace is in love with her new doll, whom she named "Gracie".......

And the boys room now looks like 2 football teams vomited all over it.
And they love it!
And I've been told that it's not my room and to let it go...........
I'm working on it.

And my sister has been in Charlotte now for eight days. And I haven't seen her yet. And we won't even discuss the repercussions of that, but let's just say, if I don't get to see her at all this Christmas, you may find me in a puddle on the floor.

And what do you do when you're quarantined in your home and have ten minute spurts of energy here and there? You lysol every Christmas decoration as you tear it down.....

Not nearly as fun as putting it up.

Here's to hoping next year's Christmas is a little bit more joyful and less germ filled than this one. And even though we've been quarantined, we are happy to be together watching movies and playing games and hacking up our lungs. Because nothing says Christmas like forced family time and lung hacking.

So Merry Christmas to All.
And to all, a good night.


  1. Sad, sweet, touching, funny, and sad (did I say that already?). Yes, i have the hacking up a lung father-in-law here at home now and he is actually hanging in there. Difference between Dr. identifying incorrect illness and actually getting it right which meant Tamiflu a wonder drug that will cut the lung hacking down to a handful of days instead of a lifetime (well, it feels that way when Rachel and Sarah Ellen can't laugh together in person). I will take out stock in Face Time and texting next time I think this scenario unfolds. And from one who is well (so far)I do have to say it was a joyous Christmas (minus mentioned hacking)!

  2. So glad that you eventually made it to Charlotte to visit said sister and the rest of us. There is always next year. Hope springs eternal (or something like that).