Friday, December 14, 2012

Battle of the Bulge

Well, we spent the day out at the hospital on Wednesday, which is never fun anyways, but especially when your visit causes team meetings and multiple discussions on strategies and plans because yes, Owen dive bombed off the chart.

His poor little chart that we've worked so hard on had been steadily climbing up.

Enter Wednesday. That beautiful chart plummeted and I had no idea. Talk about guilt. And even though he looks okay right now, we need wiggle room on that chart. He can't hang out that low.

Son of a Witch. I was just sitting there trying so hard not to cry. And one doc would come in and leave and Owen would say, "which teacher is coming in next? And what are they going to do to me?"

So what does this mean for my lil' man?

It means we're increasing neocate.

It means we're increasing calories, which means we're also increasing meal time battles again.

It means we're adding sunflower butter and extra calories to anything edible.

It means we're back on duocal.

It means I have to start pureeing some stuff again since he can't handle certain textures and I can sneak more calories in that way.

It means we haven't fought this last bout of EE aggressively enough and now his esophagus is full of those dirty little bastards and he's hurting when he eats.

It means we've doubled all his medications.

It means we have exactly one month to get him back on the chart before they biopsy again.

It means if we don't get him back on the chart, we will once again enter into the world of feeding therapy.

It means that's not an option for me.

We've done this once or twice before.

It means God will be faithful. He always is.

It means we will battle.

And it means Brother's gonna gain some weight.
And in the stressful process, I'll probably gain some too. 
You know, out of support......

In other news, at her last appointment, this one had gained eight pounds in three weeks.

Maybe we should start feeding Owen some of her food.
With sunflower butter on it, of course.

I'm done venting. 

For now.

Happy Eating, Everyone!

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  1. I hear ya'.....I'm praying (and crying) and believing in Jeremiah 29:11 as I pray harder! My love to each of you!