Monday, December 10, 2012

Fancy Enough?

Did we throw the girliest tea party ever in the history of mankind?

Probably not, but it was definitely the girliest tea party in the history of the Fischer Family!

Emma Grace is my sister reincarnated.

She loves all things girly and pink.

She knows our levels of fancy are "different" so she was a bit worried about my ability to create a party worthy to be compared to the "Fancy Nancy" Tea Party.

But thanks to this sweet, sweet friend of mine who claimed she wanted to help,

I believe we pulled it off.

As Shelby would say, "my colors are blush and bashful."

Here were our debonaire waiters.

Thank you, Cinda Williams, for helping me throw a fancy party that Emma Grace will remember forever!!

And I will be forcing you to come over soon to watch Steel Magnolias - because how can you be a true Southern Woman without recognizing SM quotes?!

Just saying......


  1. I was honored to be a guest at such an elegant and exquisite (and a lot of other FANCY words) Tea Party! It will bring me years of joy in the memories of your little girly girl and her wishes come true! Thank you for being "THE" mom who could meet all her expectations AND BEYOND......

  2. Fantastically Fancy Party!! You did it girl and it was so much fun!!