Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A birthday celebration

We had a wee bit of celebration going on Saturday afternoon. The birthday boy did delightfully well, though he seemed a bit overwhelmed at times. Since blogger only lets me post four pictures at a time, it was an overwhelming task to pick which four. It's like Sophie's Choice. There are so many good ones, but here are the few I decided to share...right now.

If these two grandparents were done having grandbabies, this would be a great Christmas card picture, but they're not done. That's right - I'm going to be an aunt again in July and I can't wait.

Here's the birthday boy in his new overalls. Yes, I purchased Owen some overalls that haven't been handed down. Yes, I'm pretty sure he noticed and was most excited. Yes, I have a weakness for overalls. Yes, he does have two other perfectly decent pairs, but come on - blue, striped overalls. Yes, he does look like the cutest railroad worker ever! (and yes, of course they were on sale...)

Here's my niece being her usual, fun and crazy self. I know I may be a bit biased, but seriously, aren't those the biggest, prettiest blue eyes you've ever seen? (This statement in no way negates my love for Owen's blue eyes, but Kenlee's go above and beyond.)

Here's Nana and Lauren Kate, one of my other nieces. She's the same age as Isaac and loves all things dress-up.

So that's it - a small glimpse at Owen's first birthday party. A day full of family, a frog cake he wasn't particularly fond of, a bounce house out front that some friends graciously let us borrow, some crazy cute gifts and toys, and one very tired 5 year old, three year old, and one year old at the end of the day. My baby is one. I still can't believe it.

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  1. Awe....all he needed was his cousin Lukey Lambey!!