Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

We're purging.
Selling LOTS of baby stuff.

Todd has no issues with it.
He's not sad or upset
or...I don't know the word to describe how I feel.

Three is a good number.
Three keeps us busy.

But, the purging is still hard.
Saying goodbye to this stage of parenting is hard.
Not needing the bouncy seats, play mats, and high chairs is hard.

Getting ready for kindergarten is hard!
Giving up bottles is hard.
I didn't think purging would be hard, but it is.

This baby girl is gone. She's morphed into a fun, spirited, sweet diva who loves all things princess, but sometimes I miss this smiley little baby that never wanted to eat solids or take a nap.
This sweet baby boy is gone too. He's morphed into one of the most tender-hearted, kind, funny people I know, but I still miss this baby who LOVED being held and sucking on his left pointer finger.
This cute baby boy is still here, but just barely. Right before my eyes, he's changing into a curious little toddler who gets into everything, only wants to eat cheerios, and tries his hardest to keep up with "EmmaG" and "Igee".
Yup, purging is hard.
No matter how much you look forward to the years ahead and watching these small people continue to grow, a part of me is very sad to see this stage end.

Does that make me weird?

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  1. Always hard to see how much they've grown. I'm holding fast to those precious memories shown on the smiling faces in these pictures! Always hard to purge like that heart is with you.