Thursday, January 28, 2010

What the ????

EDIT: Congratulations Grandma! Clearly they are pretending to sled in the snow.
(Better luck next time Aunt Sarah Ellen. Yours was also a great guess.)

Sometimes on the more well-read blogs, there are contests and opportunities for readers to win prizes and such. Now I would definitely not say my blog is popular, but I would like to offer up my first contest, you know, to my 4 or 5 faithful followers.

Now, for the prize......what should it be? Well, seeing as I have no money, I was thinking of giving mad props to the winner. In other words, you will win nothing except the satisfaction of knowing you guessed correctly.

How's my first contest so far?

And, since I would venture to say my little blog probably doesn't even get checked every day by the few people who do read it, I would also venture to say that I may not have received any guesses by this time tomorrow, when I close the contest and reveal the potential winner of my mad props. If that is the case, I guess I will give mad props to myself since I know the answer. But only after asking the participants in question.

So here it is. Please enjoy your first ever, Fabulous Fischer Five Contest.

Mad Props given to the person who can correctly guess what the ???? these two kids are doing?


  1. It's "obvious" to me.....they are practicing for the snow storm coming your way (5-10 inches I think) and they are pretending to be sledding downhill. I'm amazed EG would use a book, since she loves them so, but I venture to guess her belly will be dryer than the "open" air sled Isaac is using. Their hats and mittens are creative! Sled away my sweet grandchildren :D

  2. Hmmm I was gonna say they look like pirates but then I read dianes post, she sounds more right!

  3. I am sitting at home (well, the beach house home....wherever the cats and computer are is home these days)with all the fixings for another pot of soup, several magazines, a few GREAT books, some sewing projects, recipes to resort and organize....well, LOTS of projects for indoors!!! I'll be waiting for those mad props you're sending :D