Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dancing Fools

Stupid blogger.
So many cute, fun pictures, yet I can still only choose four.

Oh well.

Here's four fun ones of my family and in-laws getting jiggy with it.
We were some dancing fools.
We were celebrating somebody's 60th birthday.
This somebody built a dance floor in his back yard for the party.
(Somebody else me spilled salad on it and found out he was planning on returning it....ooops) But, I digress....

Here are two cute cousins shaking their booty. Literally.
I'll totally claim the one on the left. She used to be shy. She's not anymore. She danced and danced and danced until she could dance no more (because I made her go to bed).

Here's the guest of honor and one of his grandsons. I love this picture. I love the look on Isaac's face. He was having a blast. His grandfather looks serious here....most unlike him....he was probably telling Isaac why one should not spill salad on a dance floor or chili on a pool table.

Here are the hosts having a good time. And remember when I said the dance floor was built in their backyard. Yes, this is their backyard. Yes, it is gorgeous. No, they're not dancing on water - it just looks that way. How cool would it be if they could do that though? Hmmmmm - a floating dance floor for next year - now there's an idea. We could even set up a salad bar on it.....

And last but not least, here's Uncle Kevin teaching Owen a few of his best moves.

Love it!
Stay tuned.
More pics to come.
This party was last weekend.

What did we do this weekend?
Well, we kept our house super clean for two showings. Yay.
And today I took all three kids to the pool by myself. And now I need a stiff drink.

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  1. Incredibly awesome! I love all the pics and the salad is hardly noticeable! ha ha! Hey, next year someone else will be turning 60.....she looks JUST like ME!