Friday, June 25, 2010


I have been so busy eating bon-bons and watching soap operas that I forgot to blog this week. Here is a short recap of our week:

Saturday I went to this wedding. Back before I stayed home with babies and watched soap operas all day, these three girls made my teaching and coaching career a delight. They were hard working, smart, and also hilariously funny. They were the type of girls you pray your own daughter will one day grow up to be.

And now they're old enough to support each other in marriage.
And I feel ancient.

On Monday, we had our weekly helicopter lessons. We feel the kids need to learn to fly their own helicopters for our family vacations to the Hamptons. Lessons are going well so far.

Okay, really we were at the zoo and the helicopter never left the ground.

While at the zoo helicopter lessons, we hung out with this guy. I was joking around and asked Emma Grace if he reminds her of Daddy? She said very seriously: "yes, he kind of does." That made me laugh out loud until we got home and she told Daddy that the male gorilla reminded us of him. Oops.

And we were so tired after walking around in the heat that we all fell asleep while doing some of this. Love it.

We've also been swimming. Swimming was fun but reminded me that I still need a decent swimsuit. Target suits are great, but I've found they only last one season before they stretch and tear. So, while the big kids were at VBS last night, Owen and I went to the mall (yet again) in search of one. I mean, I don't see why it is so hard to find a decent swimsuit. All I'm looking for is one that will make my cellulite and muffin top disappear while making me look more muscular, thinner, and tanner all at the same time. What is so difficult about that?

The search continues.

What else?
Oh yeah - still trying to sell the house. Keeping it super clean is really fun and not time consuming at all.

Oh yeah - Owen's having a good week. That's awesome to witness.

And Todd and I are trying to decide where to go for our tenth anniversary trip.
10 years?! Time flies.

Okay, I'm done.
Hopefully that was an adequate blog update.
Right now the laundry, cooking, and cleaning soap operas are calling my name.


  1. Oh yes, you incredibel slacker you.....that's why you "only" ran 8 mi. this a.m. too right? :D
    LOVE the helicopter lessons and ALL the pics! The reading with closed eyes...priceless!

  2. that's incredi-ble not bel....just can't let the English teacher think I'm slippin' :D