Thursday, June 17, 2010

That's just silly.

What makes Isaac so happy and excited that he makes this face?

Yup, I caved.
They've been asking for awhile now.
Apparently all their friends at school and church have them.
I thought we were too young for that argument.
Apparently, I was wrong.

This is how I found them:
Perched atop their bunk beds, comparing silly bands.
Now that is just silly.
(but also kind of cute)

The sign in front of the store said
"We sell silly bands here!"

I wasn't sure if I was going in to buy bracelets
or a silly group of people with musical instruments.

Kudos to the person who invented silly bands.
Enjoy your millions of dollars for creating something so brilliantly stupid silly.


  1. Silly (and cute) is right :D I found one in our mini-van after the weekend trip to GA....thought it was Kenlee's but turns out she gave ONE to Chips! It is a Kangaroo and is sitting on his laptop now for him to be excited about all over again! So silly!

  2. Too cute. My kids were equally excited about the ones we brought back from Denver. We bought them with our tickets after playing at Dave and Busters!