Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'll MISS this?!

So, one of my favorite things that I oft hear is "Awe...I remember when my kids were that age; I really miss it." Now depending on the day, when hearing this, one of two things goes through my mind:

1. How sad for this sweet woman. Her kids are grown and she misses having 3 adorable little cherubs like mine.


2. Right. You miss this? THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T REMEMBER THIS!! It's like child birth - quickly forgotten until the next time you're laying on the table thinking "oh crap." Because believe me, if you just lived through the day I had, you would not miss this....

Now, I'm seriously not lying when I say that most days my response is scenario 1. I am a stay at home mom because I love being a mom. This is the life I chose and most days I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But today....my response would definitely fall under category 2.
And here is why:

6:02 am: Isaac wakes up
6:03am: I ask Isaac to lay back down and read a book.
6:03 and 15 seconds: Isaac cries uncontrollably because he's not tired anymore.
6:03 and 30 seconds: Emma Grace is now awake too.
6:10am: Owen wakes up too.
7:00am: Breakfast.
7:02am: Owen has thrown his breakfast on the floor.
7:05am: Owen screams uncontrollably while I try to give him the first dose of his meds for the day. Medicine time goes down hill from there.
9:45 am: Owen starts crying and rubbing his eyes.
9:50 am: I lay Owen down for a morning nap.
9:51am: Owen's new meds kick in and he is WIRED.
9:52 am: I start rushing around trying to get everything ready for pool and picnic time with friends.
10:53 am: Owen actually falls asleep.
11:15am: friends show up and I wake Owen up. He's pissed.
11:30am: finally make it to the pool.
11:40 am: time out #1 for Isaac who hit his sister.
11:55 am: time out #2 for Isaac who hit his sister.
12:15 pm: Spanking, time out, and no more pool toys for Isaac who hit his sister.
12:15pm: also got the major stink eye from an observer while spanking Isaac.
12:16pm: Wait for social services to arrive.
12:45pm: Lunch time. Owen screams and throws his food.
1:30pm: Time out #1 for Emma Grace who hit her brother.
2:45pm: Showers and getting all three dressed before we leave the pool.
3:15pm: Owen sleeps finally.
3:25pm: Time out #2 for EG for extreme bossiness.
4:50pm: Spanking for EG for throwing a major fit when asked to clean her room.
5:18pm: arrive at Chic-Fil-A for dinner with friends.
6:15pm: While trying to throw my drink away for me, Isaac chucks it over the trash can onto the table of people eating there. It spills. Get some more stink eye.
6:35pm: Stop by Target to grab a few things we need. Owen screams.
6:48pm: Evidently Target could also be known as a laxative.
6:48-7:10pm: wipe three different butts - four different times. None of which were my own.
7:30pm: Owen's in bed.
7:45pm: Big kids are all cute in the jammies, cuddled up on the couch, reading. Reminds me of why I wanted to have kids in the first place.
8:00pm: Everybody is in bed.

I may be ready to tackle tomorrow, but I'm afraid this is what I'll look like in the morning:

Good night.

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  1. I used to think the same thing when people would say "you'll miss this".....I would want to turn around and look behind at whoever they were mysteriously talking to....me? Two kids 11 mo. apart who found EVERY store to be a laxative and on and on. Yep, MANY mornings I was that woman in your last picture and that was only TWO kids. Hang in there (another fav. phrase folks deliver to melt your cares away) and ride that roller coaster of life! The view from the top is awesome!