Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctors and Marbles

Owen had his eighteen month well check visit today. It was not a bad appointment. He really has come SO far. Since his 15 month appointment he's gained 3 lbs and grown half an inch and that is huge for us! Huge. However, he is also still considered "failure to thrive" because even with that gain, he's only in the third percentile. This is difficult for me to hear because we have worked HARD for those three pounds and I am beyond ready to hear the words thriving and healthy!! Even though I'm frustrated, I am reassured by the doctors who keep telling me "he will get there." (Evidently, I am needing some lessons in patience right now.) We have a big appointment next week with a team of UNC doctors and we'll keep chugging along until we figure all this out.

After his appointment I got to hang out with four pretty cool, ridiculously funny kids at Marbles (the kids museum) while Owen napped and played with Aunt Allisen, Lachlen, and Grandma.

So, here are the four oldest Fischer Cousins hamming it up for the camera:

Silly Faces.

This man walking by offered to take our picture. Evidently, Emma Grace barely made it in there. (PS - yes, it was hard to hand my camera over to a complete stranger...and I wondered if he took off with it, would I run after him, thereby leaving the four children alone? Hhhmmmmm......what is more or or kids?)

This is clearly what a bike stand is meant for.

This one is my favorite.
Will (or Queen Cuts off Your Head as he wanted to be called) is seriously cracking me up.

In case you can't tell, they are obviously pretending to be statues.

After Marbles, we met Grandma and Owen at Chic-Fil-A for dinner, ice cream, one spanking and two time-outs. While there, Kenlee informed us that it is not healthy to go out to eat. While she may be right, we were thrilled to at least see Owen scarf down some french fries.

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  1. Dr: 3 pounds IS huge in this journey and I know it is heartbreaking to still hear the phrases due to 3% but wow, after watching him eat those fries and chicken tonight....chunky monkey city here we come! :D

    Marbles: You were AWESOME today/tonight with the kids and it was fun to spend some alone time with Owen this afternoon! To hear him say "Grandma" several times (hmmm....might have been all my prompting!) was thrilling for me! You were great with the situation we had to deal with and nobody lost their marbles doing it...ha ha!