Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Decade Down...

Ten years ago today I walked down the aisle with this crazy guy.
And then we left for our honeymoon in this same exact car (different surf board.)

Fast forward ten years...
We just got home from a wonderful mini-vacation just the two of us and the car that now has 220,000 + miles on it. We got to see views like this

and take really bad pictures like this because it's just the two of us and there's nobody else there to take our picture.

And our plan was to go away and have no plan. And our plan to have no plan was an awesome plan. We slept in, read books, played frisbee, swam, surfed, ran, ate meals at crazy hours, took walks together, talked, rode ferries, played cards, and laughed a LOT.

And we agreed that we should do a weekend away more often.

And we got home last night to three very excited kids.

And now we feel refreshed and ready for the next several decades.


  1. I love you both so much! These are the only words that come easily through my tears when reading this over and over! Happy 10th Anniversary!

  2. Yay! Glad yall got to go, sorry Luke couldn't make it :)

  3. Love the photos of the anniversary trip and of all the grandkids. Glad you had a great trip to Ocracoke. What fun memories of the trips we took there when you were small. We love you both and are so proud of you and your family. Love to all of you, Mom