Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing But Trouble

This is why I should never go to the bathroom again. Maybe I can just get a catheter or wear depends or something.

Yes, that is my HOT coffee sitting there.
Also, I know I'm not up for the Mother-of-the-Year Award or anything, but even I'm pretty sure he should not be standing on a swivel chair with wheels or yanking on a chord that comes out of the computer.

And this is why I should not run upstairs to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Heaven forbid I try to get something done while he's awake.

And....this is the face I get to look at EVERY time he is removed from his various perilous perches.

I mean, seriously?!
This face makes me want to give in and let him climb whatever he wants to climb. "Sure Owen. Why shouldn't you scale the house and jump from the roof? Whatever makes you happy!"

And this is what we like to call compromise.
It usually lasts about .3 seconds.

And now we're off to our next climbing adventure.

I think we should take bets on the number of gray hairs this kid is going to give me. I'm not too worried though - I figure the gray hairs will go well with the depends.


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  2. That is hilarious. What made it better was listening to you run to grab Owen from the stairs only to return minutes later to grab your kindle's power cord. Hearing you say one minute later, "Seriously Owen, can you please stay off the dining room table" was priceless. Thanks for being so patient with our darling children! - Todd

  3. PS: walking out and finding him crawling up into the dishwasher and pulling out steak knives was further proof that children cause gray hairs. Hey at least the knives were clean.

  4. Wasn't Todd the one suprised to find out I colored my own gray hair to the brunette he always thought I was....a LOT of those gray hairs I earned while HE was climbing EVERYTHING!
    I would type my "favorite" memory of those years, but there are TOO MANY! :D

  5. I am laughing my butt off!!!!!!!!!! I've never had a climber and now that I have read this, I am hoping that I never do!

  6. Yeah - it's real fun, Amanda. The other day I found him on the bathroom sink....