Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bad blogger

Volunteered in kindergarten classroom. Check.
Felt like I was herding cats while there. Check.
Have a new-found respect for elementary teachers. Check.
Went to Bible Study Monday night. Check.
Took boys to the park. Check.
Worked Tuesday afternoon. Check.
Rehearsal Tuesday night for work. Check.
Got annoyed when CMA's were on instead of Modern Family. Check.
Went to 3 different grocery stores to buy food for family and two events. Check.
Served with some awesome friends at a shelter downtown. Check.
Kept two sweet little nephews one afternoon. Check.
Held Owen a lot while he cried. Check.
Became completely obsessed with house hunting. Check.
Helped host a dinner for Todd's awesome volunteers. Check.
Cleaned up after the babysitter's rolled our bedroom with toilet paper. Check.
Started planning revenge on said babysitters. Check.
House hunting with Todd. Check.
Babysitting for friends. Check.
Still waiting on Owen's test results. Check.
Still waiting to hear from potential house buyers. Check.
Tired of all this waiting. Check.

Wrote an awe-inspiring and thought provoking blog post that was also full of wonderful pictures..........

Maybe next week.


  1. Only missed one thing -- I would say that was a productive week.

  2. week or one month?

    We talked to Will the other night and he was SO excited about going to Rachel's with his little brother! He said "it is going to be all boys and Rachel cause the girls, but not Rachel, have to go to school so just my brother and I will go be with the boys and Rachel." I'm glad you didn't go to school THAT day and stayed with ALL those boys :D Luv U