Sunday, November 7, 2010

The New Playroom

Have you ever had that dream where you discover another room in your house that you never knew existed before? And even though you're in dream world, this glorious new room seems so real to you that you wake up and check every crevice of your home only to realize with disappointment that it was just a dream. Well, that dream actually came true today. (Except I already knew this "room" existed.) But sweet Owen just discovered it tonight. Well, I think he already knew it was there, but the "room" took on some magical quality tonight and he played in there for over an hour. Yup, an entire hour in his new playroom. Some of the time his brother joined him, but the rest of the time he was just hanging out. He kept shutting himself in there and we could hear lots of giggling. Who knew recycling, a trashcan, and pre-packaged food could be so much fun? I'm pretty sure he did some rearranging too.

He also slammed his hand in the door at one point. He came screaming to me and then Isaac showed me how he did it. And then Isaac was screaming and I had to explain to him that next time he should just tell me instead of reenacting it.

And while the boys were busy rearranging my pantry and slamming their fingers in the door of Owen's newly discovered playroom, the diva was entertaining herself in the magical land of Star Wars and dinosaurs.

And that was our Sunday evening.

Oh to be young again.

1 comment:

  1. So precious.....although the part about Isaac demonstrating TOO realistically about the fingers/door, was priceless~ not precious!

    LOVE the smiles!