Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Partially because I love to eat and partially because it means Christmas is right around the corner, and I love Christmas even more than I love to eat. This year was different, but for a good reason....we stayed home instead of visiting family because our house sold and we need to get some stuff done before the inspection and do some house hunting. Yay. So anyway.....did I mention that I love Christmas? No seriously - I try to wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music and put up decorations but it's terrible. It's like giving a dog a bone but telling him not to eat it. (Yes, I realize I just compared myself to a dog.....I don't know why.) So, since we were here, and since my daughter shares my passion for all things Christmas, we she and I decided to go ahead and decorate the house.

I know it looks like they're being sweet and working together to hang ornaments, but looks can be deceiving. Really the worker bee is making sure her brother doesn't screw up Christmas by hanging an ornament in a spot that she has not ordained. It's tough to be the boss around here.

Taking a break to break the no sitting on the coffee table rule and watch the parade.

Taking another break to look cute playing on the stairs.

After the decorations were hung, and I finished my 6 mile Thanksgiving day run (so I could burn 600 hundred calories to make room to consume 4,000 more) and baths were had, we headed out to a friend's house to get our eat on.....


  1. Although we missed you greatly on Thanksgiving, we had a great time visiting you and yours over the weekend. We are anxious to hear what you find/decide on house hunting. You are all in our prayers. XOXOXOXO Mom

  2. I am praising God for the sale of the house and that you have such dear friends in your lives that you ARE the family for one another! We know you have much on your minds and hearts these days and our prayers are with you as you house search, go to Owen's appts., prepare for the move.....oops, I'm listing all your stressors. Maybe I should just say LOVE YOU! and be done! ;o