Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Editing Life

I love taking photos of my kids and editing them to make them rich in color.
So here are a few slightly edited photos from the park the other day.

Hands down, my new favorite picture of this sweet girl.

Isaac cracking up at something his sister said.
I think it had to do with poop, but I can't be sure.

My little hurdler.
He hurdles battles every single day.

And he always comes out on top.

I wish we could edit life like we can edit photos: crop out the bad and enrich the good. But then again, that wouldn't be real life, right? If you never had the low times, how would you appreciate the moments that bring you true joy? And even though I may complain about Helloween and coloring on walls and doctor appointments, there are so many moments of pure joy. And I'm grateful.


  1. My heart just plain swells up with love.....for you, for my grandkids, for my son's blessed life, for the joys. The tear that might fall is only from the understanding of exactly what you say so has joys and things we would love to edit out. Thank you for your lens on life!