Monday, June 13, 2011

Day One

is over.

And I'm glad for that.

Owen did fantastic.
He barely cried when separated from me, he was great through all the poking and prodding, and he did great with all the therapy.

The doctors and therapists here seem great and I really feel like we're in the right place.
I met with several different specialists throughout the day and they have some big goals for my lil' man.

They squashed my hopes of going home earlier than 4 or 5 weeks, but that's okay.
We're here and we're going to do what we need to do.
A lot of kids come here and the main goal is to get them on a large variety of pureed foods with different tastes. Because Owen is allergic to most foods, our goal is to get him to eat more advanced and textured foods that his body will actually accept.

They also noticed that his mouth is very "low tone" and he doesn't know how to use his tongue correctly, so tomorrow we start the hard work. I think he's up for it though. He's one tough kid.

And in case you're wondering?
Yes, he's still smiling tonight.

Go Owen, go.


  1. hurray for a good day one! Better than expected!

  2. Yeah! Day one done! I bet they have some mighty talented speech therapist up there. Can't wait to see the Owen magic they work. ;) Here's praying for a productive day 2!

  3. Matthew had the same thing- low tone in his mouth. I'll be interested to know what they do for him there. We had to do some very minor feeding type stuff for Matthew (don't know if I ever told you). They kind of had to "awaken" his senses in his mouth. We had a little brush type thing we used in his mouth and then had exercises on his face to do. Very interested to know what they do for your little man. Glad to see his sweet smile!!! Sending lots of love your way!

  4. Tears in my eyes reading this post. Hugs mama! And side note - my boys had those same jammies (and another shirt he's wearing in another post). Made me smile. He's such a trooper and I wish you all the best!!