Friday, June 17, 2011

Week One is Over!!

Woot Woot.

Our first week of St. Joseph's is behind us,
and I have lots to say,
so if you get bored or don't feel like reading this, 
here it is in a nutshell:

For those of you who have nothing better to do on a Friday night,
here goes:

1. I am really missing these people:

2. We are freaking exhausted. This was Owen before leaving for the hospital today. He's pooped and he screams now any time we head for the car because he doesn't want to go there. This morning the screaming was complete with laying on the floor in front of the elevator and screaming at me to "stop it." I feel so bad for him, but once we're there, he does get better.

3. This kid has worked so hard this week. Seriously. He has a lot more going against him than we knew about coming into this, and he's trying so hard to do what they're asking him to do. And it is not easy stuff.

4. The fact that there's even more impeding his eating than we realized both scares me and gives me hope. It scares me because we missed it and because it is going to take a lot of Occupational, Physical, and Feeding Therapy to fix it. It gives me hope because we've already noticed some great improvements just by changing his posture, placing the food in a different place in his mouth, and helping him learn how to effectively swallow food.

5. On Wednesday Owen was knocked over by a dog that got spooked in the elevator of the hotel.

6. The dog owner felt terrible, works for Toys R Us and bought Owen a TON of new toys to keep him entertained throughout our stay. Crazy nice gesture.

7. I thought "Drivers up North" were just a stereotype. I was wrong. I think there's a club you get to belong to once you've thrown out enough F bombs and honked your horn for ridiculous things, like say the stupid blonde Texan in front of you who waited 0.05796 seconds before hitting the gas at a green light. I think I'm only a few F Bombs away from joining the club. Keep your fingers crossed.

8. Mom and I keep getting a lot of weird looks followed by "where are you from?!" Maybe it's because we keep saying things like "howdy pardner" or How Y'alls doing over yonder?"

9. Mom leaves on Monday morning. I'm a little worried it's going to be a similar scene to all three times she left after our babies came home. You know - the scene where I'm bawling my eyes out and grabbing onto her clothes as she tries to escape? I'm sure the hospital staff will enjoy that show from the stupid blonde southern girl.

10. We're going into NYC tomorrow. I'm excited and a little bit nervous because I'm supposed to find a quiet place while there to conduct feeding therapy. It's like having a newborn again - he has to eat every 2-3 hours and it takes about 30 minutes to do the whole meal. Whew. That should be fun while trying to see the city.

11. I don't really have any more updates right now. I'll get more into all the medical jargon at a later time. Too wiped right now. Just know that we feel your prayers, we're glad the first week is over, and we have an exciting Friday night ahead of us. Nana went to dinner with her cousin, and Owen and I got into our pj's at 5:00 pm. Woot Woot. 

Before I sign off, here are some pics from our Bubbling Adventure/Facetiming with Cousins last night. (Bubble machine courtesy of Dog Attack Owner.  Facetime courtesy of Aunt Sarah Ellen.)

Love Lukie's face in the last one.
Goodnight y'all!


  1. you are both so strong. I love hearing about what you are doing, and what it is like, no matter how hard. We keep praying for you.

  2. So glad to hear one week is over and that they are on top of all Owen is going to be overcoming. :)

  3. Hey Rach,

    Thank you for being the best mom that I could have hoped for with my kids. You love each one to your very core and would do anything for them. Please give O a big hug from daddy, maybe even tickle him too for me. I am really proud of that little guy. He always has been a fighter. The three of us who have been 'left behind' miss you two. We are the fabfischerFIVE and we are lost without our oldest and youngest members. Really without you to make the food and Owen to let us all know it's time to eat, we might just starve here :)

    I keep reading James 1:2-4 knowing this is going to produce maturity in Owen and us. I just wish I knew the time. I lost it at camp one night. 'Our God Saves' was their main focal song and after hearing the midweek update from you about Owen it was tough to hold back through those lyrics (Yes Cinda, I cried too). I prayed this scripture for you tonight. Ephesians 3:13-21

    I love you!

    PS: Even though you didn't say it in point #1, I miss you too :)

  4. Rachel's addendums:

    1a. Allisen is the best sister-in-law ever and I miss her dearly. I stare at her picture nightly.

    3a. Auntie Allisen is so proud of Owen's hard work - hang in there O-Dawg!!

    7a. Sounds like Kevin at every family holiday.

    8a. It could be because we were dressed like Julia Roberts at the beginning of Pretty Woman.

  5. After watching the two of you during that hard week I admire BOTH of you more than ever. Owen is such a "scrappy" little fighter. He will be fine, especially with you, Todd, EG, and Isaac to support him. Miss you.