Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Honeymoon Is Over

Today was long.
And hard.

Owen's definitely onto us.
He started screaming when we got in the parking lot, and when they carried him away from me this morning while he screamed my name, it broke my heart. (And yes, Cinda. I cried.)
But I know this is what he needs.

And he's a trooper. 
He is working so so hard!
Today they started occupational and physical therapy to work on various issues he has with muscle tone and abdominal weakness. I watched from the outside and it looked awful - like a super hard workout class that he didn't choose to go to.
Be he did it anyways with very little crying, which is more than I can say for myself during a hot yoga class.

He was so wiped out at the end of the day, but he cheered up on the way back to the hotel, so we did some swimming with Nana who is visiting for the week.

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments and emails.
You have no idea how much it means!
This is hard, but I am feeling confident and hopeful for the first time in a long time.
And that feels good.


  1. Everything that is worth doing usually is hard, keep it up!

  2. It's hard to hear about, so I know it is beyond explanation to be there and see it all first hand. But I agree totally, he is in the right place and confidence and hope will abound!!!

    We love you! Thanks for the b.day phone call too! The kids were wiped out after boating/tubing/sunshine today so they were asleep quickly! I may be right behind them on the ZZZZZZZ's! Sweet dreams!

  3. Wow, can't imagine how hard that was to hear him scream your name and then have to walk the other way. I pray you keep the vision of him eating a big fat hamburger one day and him thanking your for it! :) Definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Luckily, you are a runner and you know (I haven't run one, but will have to guess) that part of it seems like a breeze, other parts seem so hard, like you can't finish, but when you do, you are so glad you did.

  4. Super cute pic of him and mom. Hang in there....

  5. Love you, Rachel. You are amazing how hard you fight for your kids. Praying for all of you without ceasing.

  6. I <3 you guys, and you have put so much pressure on me to make things funny, but it seems rather inappropriate. So I will do my best with a disclaimer that I don't want to be insensitive to the current situation, I am just doing my job... imagine your opening 2 lines of the blog entry followed by me, standing by your side, with a "that's what she said." :)

  7. Allisen - I knew you wouldn't disappoint. :) I actually hit send and thought, I probably should have worded that differently.....

    To everyone else - THANK YOU!! I'll try to update again tonight.

  8. Sending love, hugs and prayers your way