Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Update

Get ready for an onslaught of pictures and boring information.
After a very bad week with multiple appointments,
Owen's smile came back yesterday.

He also got to pick out a new distraction toy at Target.
(Distraction toys are used to help motivate him to eat.)
I wish I needed motivation to eat. I need something to distract me from overeating.....
He loves this new toy so much that we don't have the heart to only let him have it at meal times. His name is Horsie. Very original, I know.

Todd bought a lot of new nintendo games off of Craig's List.
Isaac was obsessed with them.
And is now obsessed with bugging me to play them constantly.

The diva had a big weekend.
First and foremost, her good friend, Toe, is back.
Those of you who have been around her whole life may have been missing Toe and worrying about her. Worry no longer. She made an unexpected appearance this week to help Emma Grace clean up her room and to play with toys, etc. We're all excited she's back.

(For those of you who have not been formally introduced to Toe, she was EG's imaginary friend from about 18 mos - 4 years of age. She is the big toe on her right foot.)

Creative, I know.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, the diva also got to go to a butterfly birthday party at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. She had a blast.

The museum was great and all, but there was a cage full of these in the room of the birthday party, so I was staving off a nervous breakdown the entire time.

I hate these. And I'm scared to death of them. I once stood on a toilet for an hour waiting for Todd to get home and kill one because it was on the floor and I was scared to get down.

And to top off our weekend?
Owen's napping so EG and Isaac asked to play outside.
When I looked out there, this is what I saw:

Yup - eating a snack and reading the dictionary.
Who doesn't do that on Sunday afternoons?
Nerd Alert.

I mean, aren't they cute?

Happy Weekend.


  1. Owen's smile is back. I'm filled w/joy for him and for all of you!!! Praying his smile becomes more of a regular thing once your NJ trip is behind you! Busy weekend is right if Todd bought new Nintendo games.....lucky Isaac. As for the butterfly party....what fun!
    Now....the reall IMPORTANT comment: will Toe be coming to the OBX and what special foods or toys do I need? Does Toe, now that it has been a few years, still take quiet time breaks? So many questions!

  2. Such a cute pic of ODawg. Love it!