Saturday, October 15, 2011


So you know how I was worried about writing too much about the hard times in life? Well get ready for a plethora of pictures that counteract the hard days. Get ready for Sap City. In fact, if you don't like sappy posts, you may want to skip this and check back in later for more reality and sarcasm. Because if I had been a movie character today, I would have been Rapunzel from the movie, Tangled. You know the scene where she finally gets out of the tower and she's swinging around the tree screaming "Best Day Ever!" at the top of her lungs? That totally would have been me today.

Because today was all about the meat of life. You know what I mean? It was one of those days where we ignored the laundry and the many tasks that needed to be done and spent it where it really mattered - with the people we love. Plans changed at the last minute and Todd took the kids to soccer while I met Whitney and Hogan for lunch. I got to hug on this sweet baby boy and his mama. In fact, we hugged so much in the parking lot that people may have gotten the wrong idea. We didn't have long so we soaked up every second of our 120 minutes together with laughter, tears, and good old baring of the souls. Soul baring like you can only do with the people who have known you since you tight rolled your jeans and had three layers of bangs stacked on top of your head and sprayed with so much hairspray that a tornado could not have moved them.

Love ya my fruit loop sista! I know Colorado is cool and all, but I'm about to launch an all-out, no holds bar campaign to get your skinny butt back to NC where it belongs. You've been warned.

After lunch, I ran home to grab the rest of my crew and we headed to Hillridge Farms for more fun with friends. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast.

And continuing on with the theme of's some more besties: You know - the people who go through the good and the bad of life with you. People like Donnie and Cinda who drive all the way to New Jersey to help you when your littlest needs special treatment. People like Joel and Erika who make you laugh until you cry and show up when you're having a bad day just so you can go for a run. People like your own kids who know you inside and out and love you in spite of your many flaws.)

And these two? They have been friends since they were toddling around. And they still love each other and I hope they survive the teenage years only to find that one day when they live across the country from one another, they too will soak up any amount of time they can have together. I hope they will love each other's children like their own. I hope they will stand outside of a Moe's and hug each other for an embarrassing amount of time.

Because the blessing of true friends is one of God's greatest gifts.

And I am blessed immeasurably.


  1. I 100% agree with every/any sappy moment! When I left my dearest friends in No.Va. to move to the OBX, I wasn't sure I would ever find such dear and wonderful friends. A loneliness set in that I tried to fill with busy-ness. Then we made those important connections through church and now, 21 years later, we have a truly strong, loving group of dear friends. Along with that blessing we have the dearest and strongest of connections with friends from before our move.....the connections never broken are awesome! LOVE the pics...looks like a great time was had all day long by all!!!!

  2. All I can say is WOW. You are blessed and you have some beautiful family and friends. :)

  3. Loved seeing all of the photos of some of my favorite people. Whitney is gorgeous as always. What joys and comfort our friends bring. A true blessing. Love to all.

  4. I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog! oh wait, I just did. I am sad a run didn't work out for us today. Connor took half a day off cause his parents are here so i went out then, should have called you since your hubby is home, drat! i died though.