Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Friends and Technological Addictions and Boots and Other Random Nothingness

Good friends are those who have 3 babies around the same time as your 3 babies so there will always be a potential playdate when you get together.  The largest age gap between any two of our kids is six months and they all adore each other.

Owen and I rushed home from OT this morning to a waiting Leah Kate and as soon as we ran in the door, they were yelling each others names from opposite ends of the house and running to greet one another. They played all morning and when they started begging for lunch at 10:40, I did what every good and creative mother/caretaker would do.....plopped them in front of the tv for some Backyardigans to hold them off for another half hour.

And as I snapped pictures of them loving on each other, it reminded me of their older siblings around the same age.

(Okay the boys are a little bit younger here.....but as they are both middle children, there just were not as many shots to choose from. Sorry Isaac and Ben. I'll make it up to you one day. We'll have a full blown photo shoot with wardrobe changes and all the works. Of course it is also possible that there aren't as many shots of you two because you rarely sit still when you're together. Just sayin'.....)

Anyway there's just nothing quite like a date with good friends and my boy deserved it after his workout this morning. We're adjusting to our various new therapies; He enjoys seeing Ms. Ashley even though he has to wear compression vests with weights while pulling heavy things, getting messy, and basically pushing himself to do things he would rather not do. Go Owen. You rock with your bad weight lifting 2 year old self. Pretty soon you'll move from the "low tone" title to Heavy Weight Toddler. I just know it.

Thanks Leah Kate for being here to greet us when we walked through the door. Thanks for trying to teach Owen how to use the potty and asking if you two could watch Harry Potter. You make me laugh.

In Other News?

Todd has me hooked on Pandora Radio.

Did you know you can just type in an artist and they will play songs by that artist and others with similar sounds for free? Wicked cool. Everybody else has probably been doing this for eons, but whatevs. Won't be the first time I'm late jumping on a technological bandwagon.

Speaking of such, my sister also got me hooked on Pinterest.

I hate her.

I went on there looking for cute boots and ended up feeling completely and wholly inadequate in all areas of fashion and creativity and mothering, etc. I mean seriously, somebody had made a wreath out of lemon slices and it was even kind of cute. Lemons?! Who knew? I guess you know what they say, "when life gives you lemons and you don't have enough water to make lemonade,  make a wreath....." or something like that.

Okay I think it's actually orange slices.

Doesn't matter. 

The point is that I am clearly inadequate.
And my favorite pair of boots on there were $438. Not thinking that will go along with the budget plans. 

Thanks, Sarah Ellen.


  1. Love pandora!

    My very first married Christmas tree was decorated with dried orange slices because it was practically free!

  2. may NOT want to check out Pandora....JUST bought a Kindle (shhhh....let's keep Elmer in the dark on that until AFTER dinner).

    As for the cute pics.....cute won't come close to the awwwwwww of my heart seeing those. What sweet memories old and new!!!

  3. wow- so glad LK was not blessed with a head as big as her older brothers!! and how does she even know who harry potter is??? or was Owen the one asking :) our kiddos are so cute together!! the bigs were just saying the other day, "we havent seen the fischers in forever!"