Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!

Holy Nondescript looking Sensory Brush, Batman,
this thing actually works!

We've been through a lot over the last 3 years and one thing I've learned is that doctors and therapists don't always have all the answers and sometimes I have to trust my gut instinct.

And sometimes I don't.

Because recently, my gut instinct was dead wrong.

Long story short, the picture above is known as a sensory brush. It is supposed to help the connections between Owen's brain and his senses by stimulating his nerve endings or something complex like that.

"The DPPT uses a specific pattern of stimulation delivered using a special type of brush and gentle joint compressions. It is believed to facilitate the coordination of mind-brain-body processes in a manner that influences positive change. It is applied every two hours for a number of days, which is specified by through the collaborative process between the recipient of the protocol and the trained therapist."

Rrrriiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhttttttttt........[Occupational Therapist] who I just met five minutes ago, you want me, in addition to doing structured meals every three hours throughout the day, to now strip down this same child every two hours and "brush" him and compress his joints? And this is going to make a difference how exactly?

Well the truth is, even after explaining how exactly they hope it does make a difference, I still don't understand all of it. BUT, it DOES make a difference. So, as hard as it has been to throw my skepticism out the window and embrace the brush; embrace it, I will.

And here's one BIG reason why:

Yes, my fellow (possibly skeptical) people, what you saw was not a fancy camera trick and I promise that is in fact Owen strapped into the chair. What you witnessed was Owen self feeding his very first turkey dog. Not pureed.

Notice there was no gagging or vomiting involved. There were some tears, but they were mine not his, so they don't count.

So yes, we will continue brushing and compressing joints for as long as we are told to continue doing it because it. is. making. a. difference.

And you know what else?
My boy likes it. He often brings the brush to me.

He likes it even when we're in the middle of a pumpkin patch with very little privacy.

And I like it too.
Even when he makes me sing the embarrassing song we made up for brushing in the middle of the pumpkin patch with very little privacy.

Here's a list of some differences the brush has made:

1. His vocabulary has erupted.
2. He played in sand the other day. And enjoyed it.
3. He is more open to trying some new foods. You saw the hot dog, right?
4. He has been transitioning better at school.
5. He conquered the boat at the mall play area.
6. He has been happier all around.
7. His energy level has increased.
8. He has been more engaged with others.
9. We're seeing fewer temper tantrums.
10. He is now potty trained, cleaning his own room, cooking his own food, and he even walked the dog the other day. (Okay - it's not a miracle brush, but we're still super excited about the progress he is making!!)

So obviously, I am now a sensory brush supporter. I may even start my own support group or pyramid sales team to sell these puppies to people who need them.

Let me know if you're interested.

And to sum up in case you got bored while reading -
Owen finally ate some processed crap that none of us should be eating.
And we could not be more proud.


  1. I was thinking- can my kids make as amazing leaps as owen if I start to sensory brush them? Like will Ashlyn stop being a sassy teenager? How much are they? You're an amazing mom, Owen is lucky to have you. Yes, hot dogs might not be good, but they taste good!

  2. I....saw....those.....pictures....and couldn't believe it, so I scrolled back to the top...

    You also "got me" on #10...ha! But I am overjoyed that such a small brush can help in so many HUGE ways! Another victory...several! Love that boy....and his family!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! What answer to some very deserving prayers.

  4. Yeah for brushing!!!! Isn't it crazy that something like that does so much!?! Here's to many brushes and bites of processed food! :)

  5. We do joint compressions with Matthew too and it's amazing the difference it makes!! We did brushing when he was younger and he too would bring me the brush and ask for it! I was very skeptical too but it makes such a difference! We've taught Matthew's teachers how to do compressions and they can tell a difference at school too!!