Saturday, October 1, 2011

Volvo for Sale?

Other than the fact that I don't own a volvo, I think I officially became a "soccer mom" today.

We started our morning bright and early at the fields for some soccer, self feeding, and coffee. (Okay technically the coffee was mine and Todd's.)

Isaac had a blast at his first practice and scrimmage. 

He listened intently to the coaches and when the time came, he went for it.

He didn't care who was there or what was going to happen, he kept his eye on the ball and even got a few kicks in. They may or may not have been in the right direction, but really, how important is that in soccer?

After his game we came home for some lunch and then headed back out to the fields for the diva's turn. She was a little bit more hesitant about going after the ball unless nobody else was around.

This next pic may explain some of that hesitance. They assured us there was no mix-up with team assignments and I told them that she had zero experience........but is it just me or does number 11 look like he's at least eleven years old?

Yup. That's one of her teammates. Let's just say this game was a bit more intense than Isaac's and even though she was a bit timid, she followed the rest of the football players 5 & 6 year olds(?!) and tried to keep up. Way to go diva.

And I know this picture is blurry and I hate to brag, but look at the stride on this girl. Can we say cross country?  I mean, only if she wants to. I would never push my kids into running just because I love it. Of course not. That would just be wrong.......right?

And what was sweet Owen doing during all this time?

Playing soccer, exploring, and making friends, of course.

And thus began our sojourn into the world of competitive sports.

Anybody see a volvo for sale?


  1. Right, no pushing our interests on our kids. That ball looks like a bug.

  2. EG is definitely built for CC! And I do not believe in forcing things on your children. But I have already purchased your Christmas doll. And I also have a Volvo SW that would fit the bill (you might want to vacuum out black dog hair first). Offers??

  3. Ha ha Mom. How about we just make an even trade? I'll give you my Chrysler minivan that needs a new transmission in exchange for your volvo? :)