Thursday, May 3, 2012

That's Just Gastastic!

The kids and I stopped for gas yesterday afternoon and we noticed the gas station near our house has new fancy screens with new fancy buttons. No biggie.

I put my credit card in and paid for my gas.

Once I paid and the pump started, this is what happened:

If you can't tell because of the glare, the television came on.

It was set on NBC and thank the Lord, I got to watch commercials while I pumped my gas.  I mean, seriously,  I don't mind paying almost $4! per gallon if I can just watch a little bit of tv while I stand there. God forbid I use this time to talk to my kids or even have four minutes of quiet ......

Well done, America or BP or whoever sanctioned money being spent this way.

I'm so glad that while our schools are packing the kids in like sardines and cutting costs, and while other countries are going without food and water, we're spending our money on things like this. 

Seriously. Well done.

I can't wait to get back to that pump and see what else is on tv.


  1. SO amazingly disgusting that anyone would think this was needed, wanted, etc. Wow! Just when you think the $4 isn't insulting enough.....

  2. i've also been insulted when "they" make it sounds like we have to have our TV everywhere we go. NExt we will be having TV's in the public bathroom stalls.