Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubble Time

So the kids convinced me tonight that Owen was old enough to take a bath with them. They promised to be careful and even offered to hold him for a quick photo session.

While they were ready....I think Owen would have been fine to wait a little bit longer. Especially judging by the look on his face in the second picture.

Don't worry Owen - Isaac's scaring me too....

The bumbo seat was great. I was much less worried about Isaac dropping Owen and everyone was happy.

PS - We're locking this one up when she's a teenager. Seriously, look at those eyelashes!


  1. So much fun! Awesome pics of the "process" of enjoying Owen joining in the fun. His expressions.....well, they say it all :D Love the Bumbo idea in the tub too!

  2. Another thought.....don't let Isaac convince you the Bumbo would work in a slip 'n slide!!!!!