Friday, August 14, 2009

A hot date....

Todd and I really make an effort to spend one-on-one time with the kids several times a month. Isaac and I had our date tonight and it was a blast. He is such a funny little guy and thrives when he gets all the attention to himself. We split a burger at Five Guys, went to REI so he could climb the big rock, picked up some medicine for Owen, and sat on the lawn of N. Hills listening to a band for awhile. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the evening:
"Mommy, I lost my Emma Grace; she's not here."
"Man, Owen sure does get sick a lot." (We had to pick up 2 different meds for him.)
"I can't. I lost the penny you gave me earlier to throw in the fountain." (I asked if he was paying for dinner.)
"I have to pull up my pants after I pee because nobody wants to see that bottom."

And my all-time favorite:
"Mommy, when is that baby going to come out of your tummy?"

Uuuummmmmm...........SIX months ago. His name is Owen, remember?

Here's my ham on his first birthday. He has always been a character. :)

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  1. Isaac is such a wonderful son, brother, and grandson! I am blessed to be his grandma! It is so cool how you and Todd have set aside some time for that one-on-one time children thrive upon! As for the questions and comments....well good luck with those! :D

  2. Enjoyed all of the recent posts (I was a little behind). Thanks for the kudos on the mountain meals and art projects. What a fun week! I have had lots of fun describing the week to my friends! Six small children, one was always puking, one was always crying, one was always getting their tail busted, and one was always sucking their thumb (we love you, Luke). Wouldn't trade one minute of it. Love to all of you, Mom