Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keep Scrolling

Fun in the sun, sand, and waves.

Little Owen tackling the trip down to the waves.

Isaac on a body board. He was constantly riding the waves and having a blast. He spent more time out on the beach than the rest of us, combined. If anybody was headed out there - they were taking Isaac and the body board. And yes, this is the same Isaac who used to be petrified of water on his face. And yes, we are loving his new found confidence!

If I was allowed to hang personal pictures up in my house right now, I would so blow this one up and hang it in their room. I LOVE this picture of him. The smile says it all.

And finally, the diva contemplating her next activity. She was a busy girl: always building, swimming, or running with her cousins.

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  1. i have to agree with you- what awesome pictures of Isaac in the water! I bet Matthew would like a body board like that. He is just really getting into loving the water too now. Where are you guys moving?