Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A whole Bunch Of Random Nothingness

Haven't taken any pictures lately, so I don't have any new photos to share.

Owen proved the theory that once you blog about something, it does in fact jinx it. He has had a terrible day. Awful. Don't know if I've ever felt sorrier for him and I'm not exactly sure what sparked it, but our happy healthy streak came to a screeching halt this morning.

Isaac wants a Star Wars V-Smile, a Star Wars computer, a Star Wars leapster, a pillow pet, and a hologram for Christmas. Apparently, it is not too early to start asking Santa for things. Including holograms?!

Emma Grace is learning the hard way that she should definitely go to the bathroom before she gets on the school bus. Every day we have to do an all-out sprint from the bus stop and she barely makes it in time. While I do feel sorry for her, it is also a little bit humorous to watch her backpack and pigtails bouncing as she sprints for the house.

I just found this picture from last summer of my nephew. It is one of my all time favorites; I mean, I could gobble him up in this picture. And just watching him munch on watermelon reminds me that summer is coming to an end....and I'm glad. I'm ready for crisp fall weather. I'm ready for piles of leaves and cups of hot chocolate out on the deck.

I miss my sister, but ya know, I always miss my sister. So nothing new there.

Todd's getting ready to kick off the new school year which means lots of fun events. The kids and I joined the teens for game night the other night and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I really don't understand why people are afraid of the teenage years. I find teenagers absolutely hilarious. I hope I feel the same way when they're mine. If they're anything like I was, I'm sure I won't.

Fall TV starts soon. I'm thinking about adding Modern Family to my list of things to watch. I hear it is hilarious.

Oh and I just started the last book in the Hunger Games series. So far it is about like the first two: disturbing but "can't put it down" good.

And that's it for my random update.

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  1. The picture melts my heart and you're right it reminds us all that summer is winding down! I am getting a visual about the pigtails and backpack.....awwwww! I hope she finds a balance in her afternoon to make a quick stop before the total end of the day! And one more comment....yes, I enjoyed the teen years too even the worst of times which tended to be far more normal than most like Kevin responded "No Duh!" (yes he lived another day!) and Todd always remembering things to take to school that he had signed up for, but never remembering to tell me until he walked out the door the day he needed it. There are some things I will NOT post, but you've probably heard all THOSE fun stories. If you survive the first 5 years of their crazy schedules and needs, it seems only fair you should at least try to enjoy the teen years too! LYMI