Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Little Taste of Heaven

Okay - I haven't wanted to post this for two reasons:
1.) I don't ever want to seem "woe is me" on this blog because while Owen does have some issues, he is a fantastic kid and we are blessed because we know and pray for many families who are going through a LOT worse.
And 2.) because I haven't wanted to jinx it.

But I'll risk it and say.......we are now going on day eight of a seriously happy Owen. Day 8!! What does that mean? That means that besides a measly two hours of screaming on Thursday afternoon, Owen has been happy this week - really happy. We are assuming it's the combination of increasing medications and changing some things in his diet and Todd and I literally can't stop talking about it. Seriously - we're pathetic; we're like a kid at Christmas with a new toy. We're constantly saying things like, "did you see that smile?" or "Can you believe he just woke up and started playing?" or "Oh my gosh, did you just hear him laughing like that?!" or "Hurry, come look at him; he's having so much fun." etc, etc.

I'm soaking him up and thanking God for a good, no great, no.....fantastic week!

And in case posting this does jinx it, I will never praise my kids on this blog again. It will be all doom and gloom from here on out.


  1. What a precious picture.....sweet little lamb! I am praising God for the fantastic week....8 days....keep 'em comin' Lord!

  2. Yeah, for a kid that is feeling better at last!

  3. He is so precious Rachel. I am soooo happy for your good days. I know I haven't been with you on this journey with him since we just re-connected, but I am here now and I am so happy for all the little triumphs and all. I know it is so sweet for you all. I can't wait to meet him some day.

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