Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Happy Friday the 13th. Mwa ha ha ha.

Here's our week in review, boring as it may be:

We're all adjusting to the new school routine. Even with a bad I've never wanted to hurt two young girls more in my life bus incident, Emma Grace is loving kindergarten and excited to go every day. I love hearing her stories every afternoon. Like the one where she told me the boy who sits next to her tries to get her to talk to him during quiet time by saying things like " you like caterpillars?" Gotta love 5 year olds.

The boys and I are getting used to our days without the diva. Isaac is reveling in the fact that he gets ALL the talk time in the car now and doesn't have to take turns. This means I get to answer a gazillion questions about road signs, and hear the plot of every movie he's ever seen, and get explicit details about one of his toenails that has grown back, etc. Today he was playing with Owen at an indoor play area and another mom said "wow, they act like real brothers." Seriously, lady?! Maybe that's because they are REAL brothers.... But anyway....

This is not a great picture, but I like it because it shows Isaac being, well, Isaac. :)

My big chunkster photographed below had a good appointment at UNC this week. We needed it. He has gained a few ounces and climbed out of the failure to thrive category. We are excited and hopeful that this new mixture of special formula and increased dosages of medications will keep the scales climbing in the right direction. The doctor even laughed and said, "look, he has a little belly." And sure enough - he does. :) We are almost to the 22 pound mark and let me tell you, there will be celebration galore when we get there. That has been our goal for MONTHS. I mean, we will be passing out party hats and doing cartwheels in the street when we hit that number. And when we hit 23, (where the doctors really want him to be) I'll probably hire one of those planes that drags a banner around saying "Owen Zachary now weighs 23!!" Be looking for it. Although I don't know how I'll pay for it since his new formula costs almost as much...

And that's our week in review. I'm looking forward to the pool with my big kids this weekend if the weather cooperates. Happy Friday!


  1. Love the posts, photos, and especially the good news from Owen's appointment. You have an adorable family. Love you all, Mom

  2. LOVE the photos!! What a blessing those three are!! Three ADOREABLE blessings!! Looking forward to catching up on the adventures of your family! Love you!