Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bedtime Fun

Look who wanted to try underwear tonight....
(Over a diaper of course. I wasn't born yesterday.)

"Hey Owen - where is your belly?"

"Hey Owen - where's your tushy?"

"Hey Owen - what's your sister up to?"

(I'm still such a sucker for that little gap toothed smile.)

"Hey Owen - what's so funny?"

It's not a bird.
It's not a plane.
It's Spiderman.

"Spiderman is ashy." (Isaac's words - not mine).

So true though.

Since everybody is in such a good mood,
let's go for it.

Group Photo anyone?

See. That wasn't so bad.
Uh Oh.

Wait for it.............

Wait for it.............

Here it comes.......
(Or as Isaac likes to say:"he's about to lose it!")


Yup. Definitely time for bed.

Good Night.


  1. I was suckered into the wait for it....wait for it...and then the final pic.....well, it is precious actually! Will always remind me of the difficulty of the group shot :D

  2. Hilarious. The group shots you get are going to be so funny to them when they are older. Much better than "normal" ones.

  3. The first one of all three is good!! Too cute