Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break 2011 hasn't gone down exactly as planned,
but we managed to have a good time, regardless.

It started off last Friday with a fun trip to the beach to visit Todd's parents and grandmother.

The kids did some bonding and some fishing and some camping in the bathroom during tornado warnings, in no particular order.
There are no pictures of me, but if you want to know what I looked like, just imagine the most comfy recliner in the world with me parked there reading my kindle. For three days. I like to call it.....a little taste of Heaven.

We also got to visit with Todd's grandmother. She is a precious woman and I love these pics.

After lunch with Nana, we loaded up the car and made faces on the way back home.

Some of us put more effort into than others.....

We got home Monday evening.
The rest of the week had some unexpected unpleasantness but all is well now.

The kids both have a loose tooth right now.
I'm pretty sure Isaac's is loose because he worked so hard to get it that way.
The boy seriously wants a visit from the tooth fairy.
He thinks the dollar will buy him a huge Star Wars legos set.
I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.
(But I think he'll be happy on his birthday.)

And that's Spring Breakin' It, Fischer Style.
Stay tuned for more pics of the rest of our week and hopefully a great Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow.

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