Monday, April 4, 2011

Testing Take Two

Okay so we'll see if this worked.

Here's the infamous shoe thief.
I can't seem to write at the top of the page or in between the pictures and I'm not really sure I could recreate how I got the pictures to post in the first place, if they did in fact post........
But supposedly Blogger, Picasa, and Google are all working diligently on this problem.

Until we meet again, enjoy (hopefully) these much anticipated pictures.


  1. I can SEEEEEEEEE them and I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE his ability to tippy tap toe in them :D

    Cute! Highly anticipated and greatly appreciated!

  2. Save the photos of Owen in tap shoes. He's going to LOVE them someday !! Don't you love the way they sound on tile floors? A favorite memory: Three year old Rachel in her NEW tap shoes in our house with only tile floors! Very loud!! We still love you!