Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Post In Which I Brag Shamelessly

I know I don't always go into a lot of details on my blog about Owen's struggles, 
but today I'm in the mood to brag.
So I'm gonna.
Because this guy amazes me every day.
He battles a chronic disorder that is painful and still smiles like this:

He's been in speech therapy for months and when he started he was not communicating at all, and Tuesday he tested in the 19th% for his age.
I think that's brag worthy.
(It also means we're almost done with speech therapy.) Yay.

He loves to be outside and he loves his dog.
Put the two together? He's set. She's the first thing he looks for every morning.

(I read an article in a health magazine that said kids with special health needs find a lot of comfort in pets.) We're living proof that that is in fact, true.

He faces obstacles every single day with a determination that baffles and inspires me.
And that's why I'm here bragging.
Because last night, my little man who doesn't want to eat because of pain,
ate a bite of hot dog.
Just one bite. The rest got spit out, but believe me,
that is progress worth bragging about!

There's a lot of unknowns in his disorder.
There's a lot of scary.
But there's also a lot of joy when he has good days and you see what God can teach you through one very determined two year old.

You go, Owen -
With your hot dog eating and speech learning self!
Tonight's menu?
Ribeye. :)


  1. I love this little guy "with my whole heart" (quote from a movie) and then some! Dog food huh? Think he will try the cat food here at our house this weekend? We usually put it up to keep Kaia from gobbling it up, but maybe we should watch out for Owen too :D

    Brag away! It IS worth bragging about!

  2. It was a hot dog, not dog food. Although if he would eat dog food, at this point, I would probably still celebrate. :)

  3. Brag brag brag!!! So happy to hear about this little guy! He's absolutely precious and I hope I can meet him one day.

  4. See, it was confusing because you were talking about the dog, and then you talked about food... I am absolutely shocked that he even attempted a hot dog. Those things look weird. That is worth celebration! :)

  5. Kevin wants to remind you to teach Owen hot dog eating safety. One at a time, Owen, one at a time.

  6. You definitely have some "bragging rights"! One bite of hot dog is worthy of celebration! I love EG's boney knees because she came by those so-o-o honestly :) Love U.

  7. way to got owen. you have every right to be a proud mama